Green Store Program

The main goal of the Green Store (Zöld üzlet) project is to promote environmental awareness among the owners of the stores, employees, suppliers and customers as well. By the responsible business development, the members learn about the principles of sustainability, the possibilities of practical realization, and thus become able to create personal decisions that promote the well-being of present and future generations.

The Green Store concept was developed by SURVIVE ENVIRO Nonprofit Ltd.

Green the King Competition – Green stores on Király street Pécs, and Király street Budapest


In 2013 the project started by gathering the stores and cafés on two pedestrian streets and shopping areas in Hungary (Király street Budapest, Király street Pécs) and give them a common concept, help them become environmentally friendly, energy efficient and stand out of the crowd of other stores.

In order to achieve these goals there was an ongoing competition between stores in the Király street in Pécs, and the Király street in Budapest until March 2014. The competition was sponsored by Magyar Telekom.

The stores and cafés taking part in the Green Store competition realized the need for environmentally friendly business practices and social responsibility and they were taking actions in order to reduce their environmental footprints.

They were taking mandatory and voluntary actions in the following fields:

  • Energy management
  • Water saving
  • Green procurement
  • Selling ecolabelled products
  • Reduction of the amount of packaging
  • Use of ecolabelled cleaning products
  • Organize green events

According to the results and feedback this pilot project was successful. The participating stores have acquired a lot of useful professional experience and have practiced in the field of environmentally responsible business operation.

 Green Store 2014

In 2014, the program continues, the Green Store mark is available for all stores in Hungary.

After the registration the members have to fill out an initial environmental performance survey. This is followed by the eco-training, where the participants can learn about the criteria and practical information of environmentally friendly business operations, the ecolabels and the green procurement.

The stores have to take mandatory and voluntary actions in order to improve their environmental performance, and the experts of SURVIVE ENVIRO monitor and evaluate the achievement.

As a result of successful participation, the stores get the Green Store trademark, which demonstrates authentically their commitment to environmentally responsible operations, results in positive perception of the social and consumer layers, strengthens the competitive advantage over those who have not used green aspects in their operations, encourages the employees’ and stakeholder’s environmental awareness; and become an active tool of corporate environmental protection.